Friday, 20 April 2012

My World...

I saw this post a while ago on Gemma’s blog and thought ‘I want to do that’ however as you can see I have been slacking recently in the blogging world... So now I am back on here and Twitter I thought it would be a good post to ease myself back into blogging.
So where do I blog?
Take a look for yourselves...
'Beckiesbeautyblog' - My Desk & Laptop.

Small but does the job, nice and cozy.

Tidier than normal!

As you can see I have a small set up, I blog in my room as I am still living at home with my parents, I have limited space so I use a small fold up (TV Table) which does the job I was looking at getting a new one from IKEA but they were all quite expensive so decided to stick with what I had.

There’s not much to say really I have a small office chair, my clock, pencils and paper and some candles. (I love candles, I really like ‘Yankee Candles’ but they are a bit expensive for me at the moment as I am trying to save money) I just picked these up from Dunelm Mill, the local garden centre etc. Anyone have any good Candle recommendations?  

What do you think? Have you done this post if so feel free to leave me your links below I would love to see where you blog!

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